Casa Padula was home to the Padula family

For more than a century

And recalls conspirancies, insurrections, brigandage

That prepared the Italian Risorgimento.

The house traces back its origins to the Middle Ages,

Its history resuming

as meeting and conference  site and holiday home.

Many epochs have left traces in the house. The Middle Ages, as the remnants of the outer ramparts of the Padula Castle were incorporated in the building, some walls being thick up to 1,5 m.

More impressive remnants of the castle are in the garden. The XVIII century is reflected in the wall decoration of the dining room. 

The XIX century, a turbulent period with revolutions and brigandage: loopholes in the walls bear witness of times when the mansion was equipped for armed self-defence.

Later, in the early XX century, the house was  the first in the village to boast a complete heating system with central coal stove.